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Over 17 Years of Custom Outdoor Lighting Design Experience

Unique Outdoor Illumination has been providing creative landscape lighting, architectural lighting and outdoor lighting in Houston for over 17 years. Our business is based on exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale. As one of Houston’s most trusted landscape and outdoor lighting companies, we have installed outdoor landscape lighting systems for thousands of satisfied customers.

Kichler Landscape Lighting in Houston

We are currently one of the largest installers of Kichler Landscape Lighting in North America.

Exterior landscape lighting can be a work of art if designed and installed by the proper landscape lighting designer. Not to mention, exterior landscape lighting has the great practical use, too, in especially enhancing the security of your home. We keep all work in-house so that we can take complete responsibility and control over the quality of workmanship on your landscape lighting system.

We employ only the most experienced landscape lighting designers and installation crews. All of our landscape lighting projects, from inception to completion, are handled by Unique Outdoor Illumination employees.

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We are licensed as a Texas Electrical Contractor (#27883)

Our personalized approach has proven very successful in building customer loyalty and satisfaction. Every home is unique and each customer’s needs are different so we adhere to a stringent design process. This is why we work very closely with each homeowner to ensure that their outdoor lighting expectations are met or exceeded.

  • We use various lighting techniques to achieve the look that is determined by our designers and the homeowner during the design process.
  • We have carefully selected a couple of nationally-recognized, highly reliable manufacturers that provide a wide variety of fixture choices and products.
  • We offer extended warranties on parts and labor after initial warranty expires.

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What Clients Are Saying About Us

[Majestic Landscape Design] is great! Very patient and helpful in answering any questions you have and providing suggestions. They are friendly and were nice enough to follow-up with any situation. I will definitely use him the next time!

Liam Walsh

My wife and I hired Outdoor Comforts Lighting & Mosquito Control to do outdoor landscape lighting and they did a stellar job! We’re absolutely thrilled with their work. Their use of uplighting and strategic placement of our 12 lights made a huge difference. We would’ve never have been able to achieve this quality on our own. I also think that their prices are VERY reasonable. I did a lot of research and price comparing and Outdoor Comforts Lighting & Mosquito Control’s prices seem to be the best. I highly recommend them!

Stewart Pullman

We’re on our 2nd remodel and I’ve visited a ton of shops…and yes, am ending up at Outdoor Comforts Lighting & Mosquito Control for almost all our needs. They are so helpful and gosh, I am a terrible decision maker. They are there to help you find the right light: and as you start selecting, they are great at coming up with options to help.

Christian Simpson

They have been extremely helpful, accommodating and generous with their time and resources. We remodeled our garden lighting with them and they did it excellently.

Dominic Ross

Lots of beautiful fixtures to choose from – knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend them!

Yvonne Berry

GREAT WORK! Prices were way better than competitors and my home looks fantastic with the outdoor landscape lighting they installed on my home. Very professional lighting installers in Houston. I would use them again and again. Thanks Outdoor Comforts Lighting!

David Jones

I am thankful for the great service provided and our back yard lighting system works and looks great. You guys did a wonderful job and we love the outdoor lighting.

Sunny Ed
I love my outdoor lighting! We get compliments all the time! Greg uses high quality equipment that has lasted through the years. When I need service, all I have to do is leave a message and they are at my house in less than a week. I don’t recommend many companies to family and friends these days, but this is one I recommend all the time! The yearly maintenance plan is great! I can’t think of one thing negative to say about this company and that says a lot!!!
Christy M.The Woodlands, TX
Greg, I cannot say enough about the service that your company has given us over the years on our outdoor lighting. If we call in with a problem it is always taken care of in a timely manner. Your guys out in the field are courteous and professional. I have and will continue to recommend you guys to anyone looking for outdoor lighting.
Pat P.Kingwood, TX
Whether you’re trying to showcase your home and yard or want outdoor lighting for safety, EVERYONE at Unique Outdoor Illuminations listens and produces within whatever budget you have in mind. Top notch service at every level. Would highly recommend talking with them about any outdoor lighting ideas or problems you have.
TinaThe Woodlands, TX