The Houston Event and Party Lighting Specialists

At Majestic Light Design, we carry an extensive selection of residential and commercial lighting options for your every need, indoors and out.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Graduation Parties
  • Dinner parties
  • Anything!


Our Strengths And Expertise

  • Quality Assurance – As lighting professionals, everything we do is with you in mind, making sure that the work is done on a budget, with flawless design, and installation is on time.


  • Immaculate Reputation – We lead in the field of residential and commercial lighting installation due to our extensive background, outstanding customer service, and products with durable performance.


  • Incredible Design – At Majestic Light Design, we specialize in quality lighting design for your events.


  • Great Efficiency – Our LED lights not only capture the quality lighting you seek but also offer outstanding efficiency and low operating cost.


  • Peerless Consultation – At Majestic Light Design, we have an outstanding, engineer-oriented staff that is more than willing to assist with your every need when it comes to system selection, design, and maintenance. We are the residential and commercial lighting professionals of Katy, Texas, and beyond!


  • Personal Responsibility – Paired with quality products, lasting performance, and extensive service, at Majestic Light Design you also receive our undivided attention for any questions or concerns until the job is completed.


*Our projects require a $3,000 minimum. Contact one of our fantastic
team members to get your estimate today!